Police-Strength Mace Brand Pepper Spray (Black)

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Mace believes there's power in being prepared.

To be clear, "mace" is Pepper Spray. But not all pepper spray is Mace Brand. Mace Brand began with the invention of a chemical compound in 1965, which later evolved into pepper spray in the 1980s.

Their history of innovation continued with the creation of pepper gel in 2004. They brought these products to people around the globe, and they've been improving the product to be more effective and easier to use ever since. They pride themselves on being the original and authentic Mace Brand. Please consider purchasing this industry-leading pepper spray formula

  • 10% OC Pepper Formula - Oleoresin Capsicum is a naturally occurring substance, derived from hot peppers
  • UV Dye - leaves an invisible marker on a target, which may help law-enforcement identify an attacker
  • Stream spray pattern, with unto 10-foot range
  • Upton 15 2-3 second bursts
  • Flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental spraying, finger grip, key chain

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