About Us

Small businesses are at the core of the American dream. Creating a way for them to make money in the explosive industry of e-commerce is our goal and passion. Small business owners have a tough time juggling the high demand and responsibility of owning a business that has an online presence. Not only that, but the experience needed to run an online store that reaches the screens of the public is immense. There is a lot of guesswork involved in e-commerce and many mistakes need to be made before small businesses can solidify their online presence.

Here at Thwicky, we use our vast network of sales channels to supply products from small businesses to consumers that may never visit those businesses. Our mission is to give small businesses a presence online without having them bear the headache it requires to build and maintain it. We provide small businesses with a presence on sites with large amounts of competition like amazon.com and walmart.com as well as right here at Thwicky.com. We want everyone to keep creating so we can be reminded everyday of the boundless human ingenuity present in every one of us.

Below is an example of a store page we have created for one of the businesses we have a passion for assisting, Safety Technology. This page you see below could be you!

All you have to do is contact us and we can discuss with you the process of getting your business's products up on our site and on other popular e-commerce channels. We love to work with small businesses and help them grow while we also work on growing our own small business. Let us pursue our passions with grit and vigor together!