Singing & Chirping Bird in Cage w/ Realistic Sound and Movement

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Hear songs from your little feathered friend

Brighten the room with a bird who will serenade you with its chirping melodies. This bird's bright singing will relax your body and mind, and bring you back to the great nature where you can be entirely freed from worry, enjoying the moment of calm and tranquility.

Soothing chirping melodies

Be greeted by this little bird every time you or a friend enter your room or your house. Prepare to be amazed with its state of the art motion sensor, as it chirps melodies any time you walk near it.

This is a fantastic choice as a novelty item. Take home and office decoration to the next level. Whether you need to brighten up the space of your room, office, or garden, this colorful singing parrot will be a great addition to your decorative needs.

Full functioning bird sensor

Create a sound near the bird while its resting on the branch and it will start to shake its head, open its mouth, shake its wing and tail and sing a bird song. You must firmly insert the feet into the branch to have good solid contact to power the bird's movement.

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