Metallica (400 mL)

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Aromar's Ultrasonic diffusers utilize revolutionary technology to get the most out of all your expensive essential oils and home fragrances. It doesn’t take stardust or magic to receive all the intended therapeutic benefits. The ultrasonic vibrations diffuse scented oils without heat to ensure all of the benefits are received. Before ultrasonic technology all diffusers used heat oils, but this has a tendency to burn them. When the oils get too hot, it voids them of most of their therapeutic properties, which in turn, wastes money. Ultrasonic vibrations aren’t the only thing that make this diffuser stand out. It works because it is specifically designed to accentuate the healing properties of fragrance and essential oils. These oils have been used for centuries for their healing properties, but it wasn’t until the development of these revolutionary diffusers, that the world started to receive all their possible benefits.

  • Ultrasonic diffusion technology allows you to receive all benefits of your oil
  • Contents last 4-5 hours at a time with proper usage
  • Color-changing LEDs allow you to choose between 1 of 7 colors or cycle through them all
  • Perfect for your essential oils


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